this is our dinner menu. 

Sharing is encouraged, seasonality is celebrated and things change often. *tonights menu may very well be different than what is listed below.


    Warm Italian Olives                     5

    Cerignolo, Noccelara, Baresane

    House Hummus + Sourdough    9 

    Charcuterie + Cheese Board    22

    Cured Meats, Cheeses, House Pickles


    House Soup (vegan)        9

    Curry, Coconut, Ginger

    Winter Green Salad        12

    Blue Cheese Dressing, Almonds

    Bridge Street Tacos        15

    Cilantro Crema, Salsa Fresca

    Buffalo Mozzarella        15

    Roasted Tomatoes, Sourdough

    Carpaccio                         15

    Black Angus, Parmesan, EVOO, Arugula

    Steak Tartare                  14

    Caper berry, Shallot, Spice, Mustard


    Brown Butter Gnocchi         19

    Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, Parmesan

    Basil Risotto + Shrimps        26

    Arborio, Parmesan, Pesto

    Rainbow Trout             25

    Roasted Leeks, Romesco

    Lamb Rigatoni             24

    Braised Lamb Ragu, San Marzano

    Short Rib            29

    Rosemary, Potato, Red Wine Demi, Winter Veg


    “Coffee & Bailey’s”        7 

    Dark Chocolate Terrine, Espresso, Whipped Irish           Cream

    Potted Cheesecake        5

    Cheese Board            15

    3 cheeses, nuts, fruit

Barrel Aged Cocktails     

Hanky Panky         14

Gin, Fernet Branca, Cigar, Vermouth

Martinez             14

Maraschino, Gin, Vermut, Bitters

Old Fashioned        14    

Rye, Vanilla, Smoke and Ash, Orange

Negroni             14

Gin, Campari, Vermouth, Orange

Curated Classics                   

The Last Word         14

Gin, Chartreuse, Lime, Maraschino


El Presidente         14

Havana 3, Blanco Vermouth, Cherry, Triple Sec


Sidecar             14

Brandy, Lemon, Triple Sec


Lot 40 Manhattan     14

Lot 40 Rye, Dolin Vermouth, Bitters


Placebo Cocktails              

no booze. no problem.


Daily feature        6

Made with love & whatever we got!


Cherry Bomb Fizz        6

Bing Cherry, Lemon, Aquafabba, Soda


Jalepeño Pineaple Mule        6

Lime, Ginger Beer, Smoked Jalepeno


Cucumber Smash        4

Lemon, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Soda

the cocktail menu.


Suburban Divorcé     12 

Vodka, Lychee, Ginger, Chile, Lemon


Victory Lap         13 

Jameson, Ginger, Cherry, Lime


Pearl Rose         14 

Gin, Rose, Cucumber, Bubbly


Dorothy Violette     14    

Violette, Dry Sherry, Lemon


Saffron 75         14 

Cognac, Grape, Lemon, Bubbles




Equinox             12 

Lot 40, Apricot, Lemon, Mint, Aquafaba    


Cherry Manilow     13 

Gin, Cherry, Citrus, Bitters


Olive The Peaches     14 

Vodka, Peach, EVOO, Citrus


Spill The Tea         13 

Bergamote, Gin, Lemon, Aquafaba


BelleVegas         12 

Altos, Blue Curacao, Lime, Aquafaba


Spirit Forward Sippers         


Paris is Burning     13 

Lagavulin 8, Ancho Infused Vermouth, Armagnac Benedictine


Piano Player         14 

Pike Creek, Byrrh, Cherry, Lemon, Bitters

Dog in the Night     14 

Chamomile Lot 40, Lime, Benedictine

Old Havana         14 

Havana 7, Sherry, Cigar, Bitters


Fortuna             13 

Luxardo Bitter, Lillet, Gin, Citrus oil

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199 Front Street - Bridge Street Entrance, Belleville, ON, K8N5H5


We are located in the heart of downtown Belleville, around the corner from City Hall, next to the abandoned Intelligencer building and across the street from Dinkel’s Restaurant. An unassuming entrance off Bridge Street will lead you to our space.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday 5pm - 11pm​​        Saturday 6pm - 11pm​​